Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy P-day! 7/4/13

Hey what up its another great pday! plus its the 4th. so today we get to watch fireworks! kinda. things haven't really changed at all from last week. same schedule. same people kinda.... three weeks ago we got rid of our old Z.L.s they flew out to a hilegayno (heel-a-guy-no) speaking mission.  elder brysen a big ginger kid is our new zone leader. we also got some greenies about two weeks ago and they are okay. one of them reminds me so much of joshua. i kills me and should probly become an actor.
I'm so excited to come home and learn all the other languages that my buddies learned. German, tagalog, spanish and portugeese or however you spell it. the language stuff is so cool. I'm killing cebauno. dead with a knife.i don't have much to write about here at the mtc. it doesnt change much. but today is cool though because its the fourth on my pday we get the whole day free pretty much. no temple(actually its closed for a month) and there is big concert with carlie ray at the stadium of fire. but they don't want us listening to the music so we get an extra 2.5 hour fireside...... great huh. How am i ever supposed to call her is i cant listen! LAME. basta(anyways) then we do get to watch sweet fireworks.
the one thing about being at the mtc that really makes me sad is the lack of lives some of the missionaries have had. "i just get on facebook all the time." "whats a horse?" "what!? you can shoot guns in utah?" "farm animals are stupid!" me "have you been around them?" "well no but i know all about them." Sad sad day..... i swept. on the other hand some people like my comp have had truly sweet lives. Ferris has traveled so much and its really cool to hear all about his adventures. Elder Lloyd my roomie is a semi pro video gamer. won millions. well kinda more like a couple thousand but still. so mom i know whis imma do when i get home. ill make halo my profession.
Brother Pasikala is pretty much the coolest guy ever. yesterday he cut his hear into like a boxed in hawaiian euromullet thing. Elder Ferris and i are going to do it as well they are perfectly mission appropriate. on top of that he pretty much makes my day. like always. he is kind of a quiet speaker but his jokes are loud and his sarcasm is the best. i have a write it down now book filled with his one liners and jokes. he can beat box dubstep and we jam all the time. plus he is super spurchel and teaches really well. I'm gonna miss him lots.
Hanna Raine i am sorry i have left you out in my writing. i actually talk about you lots here. the sisters want to know about my sisters. haha. how come girls camp was so long this year? and what did you do while you were there? tell Da and Dum i said hi when you go down to st geezee to chill. youll prolly die of heat. if its been 103 in utah county imagine the south land! yikes. basta(anyways) good luck and has some fun.
TREYSON! keep lifting and maybe by the time i get home you will be a challenge. WAHAHAHAHA evil laugh. actually I'm getting big too. being around someone like ferris makes you believe you can do anything. I'm bigger and i can jump higher too. i can almost get the rim. later today he is teaching me to do gainers. we make a good team. at everything. the other comp wish they could be like us. we are so tight. anyhow keep being studly stud. luf ya
and give ali a treat from me.
MOM and Dad i could stap yall. i though dad was gonna be a G.A. not that there is anything wrong with being a general authority but his son count take that. there just ain't enough time for the things that really matter. fly fishing bass fishing deer shooting, running up and down mountains looking for birds that don't exist. you smell what I'm stepping in? so the next time you get a "Big Stake Calling" just don't mention it. haha no dad i think its really cool though you did freak me out. i hope things keep going sweet there at home. mom make time to write your books. the more i think about it the more i am grateful for your talents and for the GOOD media you put out. there is so much worthless and just plane bad stuff out there.
i lover all y'all super much thanks.
like is a party! live it up!
Elder Hatch

Elder Hatch and Elder Ferris

Elder Ferris at the Salt Lake Temple

All the Elders on Gavin's Hall

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