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Happy P-day! 6/27/13

This letter is Addressed to my Dearest bro hWitman. Knowest thou that i love thee more than.... something big. really though in the adventurous life at the mtc your the only things i really miss, don't pass that on. haha but seriously i wish you were here learning cebuano with me. i'd be fluent. wrestling dont happen much either. cuz we aren't supposed to and because Elder Ferris would probly tie me in a knot, or three. keep praying for me man. i need it.  stay in a bit of trouble for me and keep mom on her toes. slug dad when you see moving VW bugs and make sure Broughton knows hes a slightly loved orphan.
now here is my everything letter. all the stuff i haven't yet told you.
So the Wednesday i came in was supposededly the craziest day the mtc has ever seen, remember how we were talking about how many missionaries that mtc get every day. we guessed 150 or 200. that Wednesday there were over 1000. senior missionaries included. there weren't many of them though. like 50. then i met elder Ferris we went to an orientation meeting and another kid got put in our companionship. then elder Ferris disappeared. i didn't know this then but he gets bloody noses from the heat of something so he just took off. i couldn't find him for like 2 hrs. all this happened on top of how lost i was because it was the first day and everything was so unfermilior. wow thats terble speling. i dont care though,
so our district consists of 5 companionships. elder Ferris and i are the only elders and we try to keep the manliness alive in the sea of emotions and woman tears. the sister are actually pretty chill most of the time. they just don't understand out need of mud and blood and food. with a little bit of singing, dancing, and man jokes thrown in. our teachers have been a bit of help there. our first week we only had one teacher his name is brother Dee jay Pasikala. he is a hecka funny hawiian that has been home for about 9 months. he went to cebu and tells us all about it. he says prez schmutz said like schmoots its the coolest gut ever. and that he is all about having a good time. the third day we were here we had to give a discussion in cebuano to a girl named Ediline. ill tell you later about the whole progressive investigator thing but she turned out to be our other teacher. Sister Claire Ormsby turns out to be a regular girl that is going to byu and got home from cebu a year and a half ago. anyway they both realize more than the sisters do the importance of having fun while learning to that livens things up. my schedule at the mtc goes as follows. Monday mornings at 5:45 we have service in another appartment building cleaning and taking out the garbage. it is amazing how much messier that building is than ours. its sickening. then breakfast is always at 8. the food here is really good and there is lots of it. they always give three main options and there is a leftover bar that occassionally has good stuff on it. this last week however the mtc has been hosting the new mission presidents and they got the nice cafeteria, so we were in the make shift one that had one option and cereal. that lasted for four days. then some of the elders including our district got assigned to miss gym and clean up everything. it was actually pretty fun except for some of the people who were in charge were stupid and mad at the world. something else to note about the church, the people who were for the church are either super awesome or super terrible. most are good but i cant believe they hire some people. back to my schedule we have instructed class for 6 hrs 4 days a week. Sunday Tuesday and Thursday/pday we don't. every Sunday and Tuesday we have a devotional the first week they were at the mtc but now they are down at the marriot center. after the devotionals we have a "how did you feel about the devo" meeting that can be pretty good. we always have a member of the branch presidency of their wives sit in on that meeting too. we would have one of the three brothers come in but we have a big branch/zone that covers cebuano hilegino and cantaneese speakers. its pretty chill.
On the regular days of the week we get lunch at 1 and more class and study till 6 which is dinner. after dinner it vball time. elder Ferris and i go nuts for the hour they give for gym. its so fun we always play with the same members of our zone and is so funny. we laugh so hard we cant play sometimes. elder lloyd one of our roomies is the funniest personI'ive ever met. after gym we either go to bed or go back to class for an hour. our gym time switches an hour every other day. idk.... elder Ferris and I also go lift almost everyday. they have a weights gym too. 
Dad idk what you did when you were here at the mtc for three weeks but i know it has changes. this is my explanation of our class time. the teachers speak to us only in cebuano while we are learning language. the first day we didn't understand anything. they do teach the gospel principles in English though so we are sure to understand them. while each teacher is here we do three things: progressive investigator, language instruction, and gospel principles. progressive investigator is where we teach someone our two investigators are Ediline and Ruel. our teachers act like people they taught in the field and we have to teach them in complete cebuano. we had to do that our second day. it didn't go well. but now I'm ballin this language and can say whatever i want... ish. we teach to or three times a week. language is self explanatory. learn works and grammar. gospel principles is fun we learn about how to teach and what to teach. the teachers know really well how to use the scriptures and other material. we also study lots from i book called "my mtc experience" and pmg. we get personal, comp and language study each day as well which is noce to do what i need. we have two other programs called "tall" and TRC. tall is on the computers and it helps with language and pronunciation. we learn vocab and grammar. its a lot like computer flash cards. TRC is once a week where other people from the community/returned missionaries come in and we talk to them in cebuano. its super cool. its good to just hear different people that speak the language. they just laugh and correct us.

Tha'ts my MTC experience thus far. I'm really sorry i didn't write last week. i slept on pday cuz i was super sick. i feel mostly better now though. i had a head cold so its kinda lingering.
thanks for all the love, prayers, and letters. i miss you all and think about you so much. ESPECIALLY YOU TREY!!!! luv you bud. and i miss ALI. please sent pics of everyone. especially the four legged one.
life is a party! live it up. Karon adlow(every day)

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