Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy P-day! 6/13/13

We finally got an email from Gavin at the MTC! I'm going to do a few edits if I can, but we'll probably just end up leaving the emails as they came. :) A few things to explain though...Cebuano is the language he is learning, Bryan is a college roommate, Josh is a friend from high school, and Whitman is Trey. :)

what up,
things are awesome here at the mtc. my comp is Elder Ferris hes from new Zealand and is a huge rugby playa and a flipper in a dance crew. he loves music and is a good singer and exceptional beat boxer. he is good at everything he does, and is our district leader. he eats pretty much like a horse. he puts down like 3 times as me and I've started eating a lot. he was asked to be in a natural body building comp before he got his call and hes super cut. its nice though i kinda have a personal trainer for free 5 days a week.  there are only girls in our district, and they can be super chill but also very annoying. i already know what Bryan and Josh were talking about when they talked about sister missionaries. for the most part though im trying to keep a good attitude.
Cebuano is 2 legit. its hard but its fun. i kind of missed the first days lesson, and we taught our first investigator the second day in Cebuano. the first lesson was terrible but things have gotten much better since. we have taught 4 lessons total and 2 went really well. we email our branch prez once a week to tell him about everything including our investigator. he is an old cowboy/war vet/college bballer/scary guy. no joke he scares everyone. his name is mike capik and he is just a strict old guy with one eyebrow. simple.
the MTC has been great not what i expected at all but good. we sit in the same chair for almost 10 hrs a day which got old a week ago but we try to make it a good time. Elder Ferris likes to have a good time as much as i do so its all good. idk what I'm gonna do when i get a strict comp. I've seen a few of them in my district and even though they aren't my comp they crush any hope of fun. like a grape.
my pday is on thursday and they didn't give us one the second day so its been more than a week. it seems like its been three. anyhow that's what took so long to respond to all the letters tell people i will try to write them but time is short because of studying and class. its good to hear from everyone tell Whitman I'm sorry about his leg thinger. that does stink up a summer.
I love you all and have other letters in the mail.

Elder Hatch hugging his mom goodbye at the MTC

Bye Elder!

Elder Hatch with the world map at the MTC. 
I guess nobody told him he's supposed to point to the place he's going!


Gavin's District :)

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